About APOP

The APOP program is developed within the APOP study, which started in 2013 at the LUMC. The aim is to improve the outcomes of acutely ill older patients by optimizing the care at the ED and by initiating the appropriate follow-up care. The APOP program gives healthcare providers more insight into the individual situation and vulnerability of the older patient. This can be taken into account when providing care for the older patient, resulting tailored (extra) care.

The APOP program consists of 4 parts:

  1. The APOP screener to identify which older patients have the greatest chance of functional decline
  2. Interventions that are used at the ED to as much as possible take into account the needs of vulnerable older people and to prevent of loss of function.
  3. Transfer of data to subsequent care providers, both on admission and on discharge to home.
  4. Training of doctors and nurses at the ED and admitting wards.

On 1 March 2018, the APOP program was implemented in the LUMC as standard care. Implementation is carefully evaluated, allowing the program to be adapted and improved.